We Solved Your Problem✨

Stash, the future of gaming, has a new era where you can create teams or join listed teams for all kinds of tournaments!

We've been asking you questions for a long time, hoping to find out your issues when playing games and competing in tournaments. As a result of our study, one-on-one interviews, and surveys, we discovered that you have three key issues, particularly with tournaments, and that you are unable to find satisfactory answers to them:

  • Putting together or finding teams to compete in tournaments.
  • Not knowing whether or not the tournament rewards will be given to you.
  • Locating tournaments connected to the game in which you wish to compete.

In Stash, we've addressed & solved all three of these issues for you!

A New Era at Stash: Teams and Tournaments!

According to our tournament polls, one of the most difficult challenges people have is locating teams with similar skill and experience levels, and even if they do, communicating successfully with them and joining them. That's why we've added a new feature to Stash: TEAMS.

A new era in Stash: Create teams, join teams, easily invite friends and take on challenges together!

You can build a team as a team captain, pick members, choose the games you wish to play, and invite people to these challenges by simply sending an invite link. Similarly, if you're looking for a team, you'll be able to join various teams for different games.

Now is the time to form a team and invite your friends!

Join the Game of Your Choice with the People of Your Choice

You can form teams to compete in tournaments for whatever game you like and have many teams for different games. People can easily apply to teams searching for players to compete in tournaments for the games they are interested in, or they can form their teams if none are available. So, from chess to backgammon, Valorant to Rainbow Six, League of Legends to Rocket League, competing together for the game you want will be a lot easier!

You can invite anyone you wish to join your team by posting a single invite link on Instagram, Discord, or your social media accounts, making it quick, organized, and simple to establish a team, discover a team, and communicate.

Easy Access to Your Tournament Prizes

So far, we have organized dozens of tournaments. The most crucial thing we've ensured in each of them is that the awards are delivered on schedule and in full. Still, whether it's related to us or not, we've seen that there's always a tiny bubble of fear in people's minds, especially when it comes to monetary awards. This is where Stash's status as a web3 object comes into play.

Prizes will be transferred directly to your MetaMask wallets (the crypto wallets you link to your accounts) in all tournaments organized and operated by Stash; there will be no intermediation by us - or anyone else. As a result, you will be able to fully monitor and regulate all transactions via the cryptocurrency's visible chain, which is traceable and dubious.

How can I become a member of the Stash community?

The Stash community is gradually expanding. Our Discord server is now operational, and we are also on Twitter. You can join our community and contact us with any questions or requests. We recommend you subscribe to our blog/newsletter for updates and news.

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