🔥🚀 First-ever Cross-Game Win2Earn Fun2Earn Multi-Chain GameFi NFT MetaVerse with PvE and PvP Battle

Hello, Trojan! What's up? It's been a while, we know. But we came up with some good news.


We want to introduce to you the SOULS OF MΞTΛ: a cross-game, multi-chain, fun-2-earn, and free-2-play RPG fantasy of Blades and Sorcery in which you can own and monetize NFT assets through GameFi and SocialFi, and travel through community-created realms, fight monsters, collaborate with other players (PvE & PvP), solve quests, and more!

They found a seamless "Fun-2-Earn" experience with an integrated cross-game NFT ecosystem and monetization of all in-game assets through multi-chain DeFi, creating a symbiotic GameFi/SocialFi/GuildFi (SoulFi) experience. SOULS OF MΞTΛ are playable NFT characters that are native to that metaverse. They were born there and shaped and built multiple realities and realms according to their consciousness level-aligned choices throughout quantum time and space. They called themselves "SuperSouls" of "SoulVerse" or, in short – SOULS OF MΞTΛ.

Dude, what's that SoulVerse? I wanna learn more.

The Alliance vs. The Horde, but in a different form of reality 🔥

The following is SoulVerse's known history:

At first, everything was great, life was easy, and SoulVerse flourished. Then, from the Patala Abyss, a Yama monster appeared, threatening the very life of this fantastic dream world. The Horde of demonic and undead monsters was called to battle alongside Yama to claim SoulVerse. Indra, a powerful Super Soulhero, accepted the challenge, and as a result, he gathered an invisible army of SuperSoul Warriors to confront The Horde. His strategy to retire from the enemy was successful, and triumph was near. Indra battled Yama furiously and bravely in the last fight but was trapped and seized by the demon Yama and imprisoned deep inside the Abyss.
Yama smashed the surviving SuperSoul Warriors and broke the Sphere of Souls that kept SoulVerse together, with no one to stop him. Since then, SoulVerse has been divided into shattered shards that can only be reached through secret portals. Each portion is said to hold a fragment of the Sphere of Souls.
It's time for a new Super Soulhero to emerge. His duty would be much more arduous this time: not only would he have to fight The Horde across SoulVerse and bring the Sphere of Souls together, but he would also have to figure out why Indra was beaten, rescue him, and expel the ever-growing Yama back into Patala Abyss.

So, throughout your journey, you will have a chance to discover lost story episodes, uncover mysteries of SoulVerse, fight Yama's Horde and unite with friends to find all Sphere of Souls fragments and finally restore the SOULS OF MΞTΛ multiverse.

What are they offering unique?

  • Low and fixed entry prices for NFTs because they know how things work and what NFT games and web3 mean to you right now.
  • The simple learning curve for newbies is because they know the game must be fun & easy to learn to create some addiction and Funtime, no over-complications or anything boring.
  • Free-to-Play mode allows you to try before buying, which is everything right now.
  • Deflationary tokenomics, to keep things clean and manageable.
  • Regular new Fun-2-Earn features to keep the hype and wonder alive.

They say they accept that "most P2E games are just too casual and straightforward, especially for genuine gamers. Their core gameplay grows monotonous and dull with time, and their unsophisticated economic model fails, so gamers quit them for good and constantly look for new options."

They want to make you recall the ancient games we used to play before P2E, with likable characters, intriguing story twists, contemporary visuals, level design, and intelligent mission scripts. That is precisely the gaming experience your soul has longed for!

The new 1x1 Player-vs-Player mode with Win-2-Earn Battle Arena is a massive update to the Souls of Meta game. It implements a Win-2-Earn model where players can have fun battling each other and win cash rewards!

So, what's next?

We invite you to download and try the game.

Free-To-Play Legacy (F2P) Version is perfect for that.

1) Download and install the game.
2) In the game, access Free-2-Play Version via the corresponding button. That's it.

But if you like to earn while having some fun, the "Fun-To-Earn (F2E) | Win-2-Earn (W2E PvP) Version" will be perfect for you. 👇

Create an account on SoulPad Portal and Download the game client to start playing all of the available game modes:

⚔️ W2E in PvP: Get Gladiator Badges to fight on PvP Battle Arena for glory and BUSD rewards! Talk to Arena Master NPC in the game to start.

⚔️ F2E in PvE: Get 1 Character and 1 Weapon NFT in your Web3 Wallet, fight monsters and earn SMP. Enter Fun-2-Earn Progression Mode in the game to start.

⚔️ F2P: Fight against The Horde for fun in the PvE mode or train yourself against real players in the PvP mode. Enter Undead Realm or Samurai Realms for PvE. Talk to Arena Master NPC and select Training mode for PvP.

Do you still have some questions? Please read the guides they prepared for you.

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