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Vaga lets you build a more robust network, boost conversions, keep more of your visitors, and improve your communication skills.

The goal of this post is to provide you with recommendations for expanding your community. Still, before I do so, I'd like to demonstrate (with supporting materials and statistics) why and how doing so would be effective using the Vaga.

👉 | Build your community on your website.

⚡People have a lackadaisical attitude toward details.

Profiles, website information, and "about us" sections are rarely seen unless the visitor has a clear purpose. You may check your website's bounce rate data to see whether I'm telling the truth. They weigh the options for a split second before deciding whether to stay or leave. This choice may be put off in just a few ways:

✅It's a call to action for a fantastic promotion.
✅An entertaining video that jumps right into the action.
Participation in a group, a discussion board, a chat room, or other user-generated content.

Above all else, Vaga will provide you with lively community activity and a significant cause for the visitor to stick around for longer.

✔Over three billion individuals regularly use some form of instant messaging service.

✔With 2.4 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is, by and away, the most popular messaging program. In 2020 and 2021, WhatsApp was the most widely used messaging app. This highlights the critical nature of having access to instant messaging. Source

⚡Leave no loose ends in your tale.

The "about us" or "white paper" sections are typically updated after the project has progressed. Because of this, the tale you want to tell and the message you wish to convey remain untold and unspoken. You may finish your narrative more quickly and effectively with the help of the community discussion. Depending on your tagline or first few phrases, people will decide whether to follow you, learn more, or ignore you.

Convincing a visitor to leave your site and join you in an app like Telegram or Discord isn't a fast remedy, especially if the visitor doesn't already use either of those apps. To break through the barrier of such instant judgment, you must present a compelling tale that fills in all the blanks. Make your guest feel welcome and complete your story at this very moment using Vaga.

Also, there's no need to view Vaga as a rival to platforms like Discord or Telegram. You may think of Vaga as a supplementary tool, as its primary purpose will be to help keep the visitors you already have and convert them to community members.

According to Search Engine Watch, storytelling can increase conversions by 30%.
You can add Vaga to your website using a script tag in 1 minute.⏱

📢Promote your content to the masses!

Finding "excellent content" to distribute is the most significant difficulty in marketing and social media, which may be accomplished through curation or development. User-generated content (UGC) is genuine, immediate, authentic, and new; hence, it outshines all other material forms. User-generated content can only be generated if your site allows users to interact with one another and with you. Before the advent of web 2.0, this function was fulfilled by message boards. However, you now require quickness and safety; it's time for encrypted P2P communication with Vaga.

✅ Visitors to websites with UGC spend 90% more time on the site (Salesforce)
✅ UGC increases conversions by 10% when incorporated into the online purchase path (Salesforce)
✅ Sites with UGC saw a 20% increase in returning visitors (SocialToaster)
✅The world's leading hotels doubled the dwell time on their websites by including UGC (Stackla)

⚡Reap the Benefits of Never-Expiring Content

Although your product may be the focus of your conversation, it is unlikely that it will be the primary draw. They could be interested in hearing your thoughts on kittens, the current state of the economy, coffee, NASA, Elon Musk, or the most recent Studio Ghibli film. Don't waste the chance to showcase your service or product more effectively through live discussion if you care about the outcome of those conversations turning into actual purchases or essential conversions.

Vaga allows you to set up many chat rooms, one of which may be used to discuss technical aspects of your product, while another can be used for lighter conversation. You don't need many apps with a convoluted user interface; create your hashtags and channels or pad things out. Putting in a widget and opening a few tracks is all required.

💬Get More Groups, Communities, and Lists to Join Your Website

No one wants to stop speaking to go to a boring website. Suppose you inform people on relevant mailing lists, in relevant circles, and in relevant groups that you can continue the conversation immediately on your site. In that case, they may be tempted to come to check it out. That way, you may stay in touch at all times. You may use Vaga to search for communities who are interested in your product and to host in-site chats;

✅Use of Facebook's Groups and Lists
✅Google Groups
✅Online Communities on LinkedIn
✅Using Twitter's Lists
✅Internet-based Discussion Groups
✅Not to mention, the discussion boards are there for your use.

The immediate, distributed nature of messaging is made possible by the GUN infrastructure and the P2P sharing technique. The quick, distributed nature of messaging is made possible by the GUN infrastructure and the P2P sharing technique. In this area, many users congregate to access the Vaga chat, allowing users to "SECURELY" log in using their Google Sign-in tools or MetaMask wallets to the conversation. This eliminates the need for a central repository for the discussions that have taken place. This is a fantastic alternative compared to slow, insecure, and out-of-date PHP message boards or centralized systems that demand many customer service agents.

Vaga is an embeddable chat widget where your community can chat and flourish. Using Vaga, you can build your community and engage natively on your website.

Celebrate Important Dates on Your Website

With in-site chat, you can instantly alert visitors about sales without resorting to annoying pop-up advertisements, Twitter feeds or blinking emoticons on Discord.

Imagine how many SALES OPPORTUNITIES a not-so-lame unique occasion content, with good communication, can generate in real-time, as evidenced by Guy Kawasaki's quote "10 inspirational quotes for Mother's Day," which has been viewed 165,000 times [The Art of Social Media - Guy Kawasaki & Peg Fitzpatrick, Page 45]. Advertising that doesn't generate purchases is like taking out debt with high-interest rates. Vaga will assist you in making timely payments.

⚡Put Out Useful Material

Orwell's "Perfect Political & English Content" rules include the following four questions, which you are no doubt familiar with;

✅What exactly do I want to say?
✅What do I say?
✅How can I convey my point more effectively? What materials can I use?
✅Is the content old and stale, or is it recent enough to make an impression?

There is no better tool than "instant messaging" for answering all four of these queries. You don't have to cram your message into 260 characters; limit it to people who use a specific platform or try to get it in front of millions through various content types. There is nothing more modern, innovative, or compelling than an instant message or a sincere chat, and you have complete freedom in the words you use to convey your message.

You can accomplish all of the following using instant messaging: educate, discuss, aid, and amuse.

Let users share insights and bond with your community. More screen time, more engagement.

✅Don't be pushy, Help, Thank

Everyone is tired of the rhetoric. You are competing with millions of posts. It benefits you and your visitors - and potential community members - to play the game on your turf, respecting people's time. Help them quickly and accurately as possible and thank them for their visit.

Vaga is not a typical "customer service" module but an advanced community module.

When they activate it, they will expect to find not a "customer service robot" but the owner, the developer, the community manager - someone they can get information and help from. They also can chat with each other, so if you want, you can take advantage of the questions they ask and their communication - as long as it's in a public chat room, of course - without being interrupted. But conversations between private profiles will remain confidential forever!

Vaga runs on a P2P network enabled by a decentralized graph database, GUN. You own your messages and data in full encryption through your private keys. There are no costs or gas fees to send messages.

📈Analyze Everything

You won't have to wonder "what's going on" because Vaga's superb and accessible interface will show you all the relevant metrics regarding your community and communication. Changing or improving your method of communication is possible after examining the collected data.

Your visitors will automatically be included in your community chat once they connect with MetaMask. Anyone can use email and Google signups as well. Understand what your community is talking about and what they like and do not like about your products. Engage your community as a whole.


How do I get the widget on my website?

After signing up, you will get the instructions in your dashboard on how to embed the widget. As simple as copy-paste.

How can I get an access code?

We are opening Vaga to our selected partners and our waitlist. Each member will get additional access codes as well. So if you know anyone with Vaga on their website, you can ask for a code. Or else, email us here.

How much does a subscription cost?

Embedding Vaga is entirely free (forever) with a tier of 1.000 messages in your community. After that, you'll need to be subscribed. Any user can set up private chats as well. 

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