Weekly Newsletter by Troy #1

Welcome to Troy's newsletter, which compiles the most exciting news from the industry in the most detailed way.

Weekly Newsletter by Troy #1

Welcome to our newsletter, which compiles the most exciting news from the industry in the most detailed way.

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Recent Layoffs in Web3 Scene

The recent volatility in the crypto market has resulted in layoffs at many companies. In the last three months, more than 4.000 employees have been laid off, and the Linked-in space is seeing more and more software developers and marketing professionals "looking to change industries." You can see the updated list here.

Apple Announces Support for NFT in App Store Policy

Apple Announces Support for NFT in App Store Policy

So, how did the web3 community react to this news? As usual, divided. Some believe this is a serious move towards mass adaptation, i.e., bringing the masses into the web3 ecosystem, and that it is important news. Others think it could have catastrophic consequences for web3 games, studios, and NFT marketplaces. Some iOS developers say that it won't change anything for NFTs, that the same challenges and obstacles remain in practice, and that they can't be used as a revenue model for anything other than marketing. Read more in Turkish.

Artificial Intelligence is Too Damn Close to Making Games

Say hello to NVIDIA's Get3D!

Developments in artificial intelligence are progressing at an astonishing variety and speed every day. After MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, Dall E 2, and other artificial intelligence models that convert text instructions into visual outputs spread like an epidemic, NVIDIA engineers have announced another exciting and intriguing project: Get3D! With GET3D, the AI model built at NVIDIA, you can generate three-dimensional models with complex topology, rich geometry, and well-structured textures. Read more in Turkish.

Metaverse's HTML: Universal Scene Description

Pixar's USD: Universal Scene Description is the HTML for the metaverse.

USD is an extensible software platform designed to meet the needs of large-scale film and visual effects production, providing high-performance solutions for the collaborative creation of animated 3D scenes. With the proliferation of the NVIDIA Omniverse™, tech giants are describing USD as the HTML of the "Metaverse." In this article, we aim to introduce USD better and explain why it is considered the architectural base of the metaverse. Read more in Turkish.

Famous Esports Teams Diving into Web3!

Say hello to a new level of competition!

The web3 world, where in-game success can generate revenue, has also attracted the attention of esports giants. Many famous esports organizations started to announce web3 partnerships. Certain games come to mind when you think of web3, but don't let the perception fool you. Read more in Turkish.

Troy 🤝 Meta Lordz Collaboration

Troy <> Meta Lordz

As the Troy family, we are happy to announce our collaboration with Meta Lordz! Meta Lordz is a metaverse in the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) genre developed by the Starlight Worlds team! This medieval-themed universe offers a vast world that users can access through their NFT characters. 🎉 Read more in Turkish.

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As Turkey's first and largest Gaming DAO, Troy is working to introduce web3 games, NFTs, projects, and opportunities in the GameFi world to gamers of all ages, genders, and regions in Turkey. Our goal is to introduce web3 to all gamers who have had fun and learned by playing traditional games and bring them together with the best projects, and make everything more straightforward and easier by clearing the stones in their path. Thank you for joining us.

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