What a week, huh? We summed it up for you.

There is no sign of a quieting of the stormy seas in the crypto scene and web3. Neither do we cease production. Please see below the week's condensed agenda.

This has been a remarkable week. I can't think of a way to sum it up, but I know we need to get going on this. After we've covered the positive news, we may discuss the crises, developments, and other events. Here's hoping you like the read!

Vaga, the newest social widget from Troy Labs!

Since the day we introduced Troy, we have spoken with many members of the web3 community. The concentration of the communities we've spawned is one of the criteria we've encountered, and it's also one of the things that has interested us the most. Telegram and Discord, for instance, are used by the vast majority of web3 ecosystem companies when it comes to community building. Our popularity on these two channels is well-known. There are now over 23,000 of us on Discord, and although we only recently introduced Telegram, our community is expanding quickly.

Hi Vaga, you're doing great!

I know that Telegram and Discord are popular, but what about those who don't use them? For instance, more than half of TikTok's 13-to-18-year-old and 24-to-35-year-old users do not use Telegram or Discord; however, they are very active on our website, newsletter, and social media accounts. Consequently, we realized that these communities needed a safe, quick, and user-friendly socialization module that would allow them to join our group, provide some extent for Discord and Telegram, and ultimately introduce Vaga to the world.

Just what is this mysterious Vaga?

Vaga is a chat widget that can be added to your website, functioning essentially as an intercom for online communities.

Visitors can communicate with one another in a public chat room, but they can also start private conversations with other visitors. As a result of the general acceptance of community marketing. Apps like Uniswap, Axie Infinity, Notion, and Webflow... The best businesses, whether in web3 or web2, are committed to serving the needs of the communities in which they operate.

It's crucial to think carefully about how and where you share information with your community. As a result, we decided to develop Vaga. Vaga will serve as the local community tool for your website's user base. This chat function is website-specific and may only be accessed through your server's chat. Users can organize private conversations whenever they choose, but the public community chat will always come first.

Your community tool on your product website. 

Highlights and Infrastructure

✅You may insert the Vaga into any webpage by copying and pasting some <script> code: JavaScript, Angular, Webflow, Webspace, Wix, Squarespace, Framer...

✅Incorporating Google's login credentials with MetaMask's automatic sign-in makes logging in quick and painless. All communications are therefore encrypted from beginning to end. Not many people know this, but we used GUN (a decentralized graph database) to create Vaga.

✅Due to the inefficiency, slowness, and high expense of using a blockchain for immediate communication, Vaga is not a blockchain-based service. Since it is a P2P network, performance improves as more people join. In this manner, transmission is secure, and data belong to its owner.

Vaga | Native Community Chat
Vaga is an embeddable widget where your community can engage with you and in itself without leaving your website or app.

How can I get started with its use?

We are now accepting signups for our waitlist and hope to extend invitations to our first users very shortly. Join the waiting list so you may get the password to your community's control panel.

If you want to help spread the word about the projects you know, you'll be given three more tickets to share with others.

Vaga: Intercom for communities

New Product from Troy Labs: Vaga, Intercom for communities. Vaga is an embeddable widget that enables users and visitors to chat in a group chat dedicated to your product.

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What Comes Next in the Crypto Space After the FTX Crisis?

Many companies with links to Sam Bankman-Fried are in limbo after the collapse of his crypto empire, FTX, which sent shockwaves throughout the crypto market.

Bankman-Fried was supposed to purchase the assets of defunct crypto lender Voyager, but that agreement was announced in September and has yet to finalize. Bankman-Fried has several active transactions and rescue operations with other companies; thus, its financial commitments go beyond the realm of cryptocurrencies. For instance, FTX is less than two years away from paying off a $135 million, 19-year agreement it negotiated for the naming rights to Miami's FTX Arena. However, as a result, fate has removed the FTX Arena's emblem from the roof. Brutal.

Source: The Information

More than 60 investment businesses, including celebrities like Tom Brady, Naomi Osaka, and Steph Curry, as well as companies like Sequoia Capital, have contributed to FTX's over $1.7 billion funding round. [Source] SOL is the native token of the Solana blockchain, which Bankman-Fried publicly supports. The Block stated that Multicoin Capital's Master Fund held the most significant investment in SOL. Since Monday, this cryptocurrency has dropped by 44%, making it one of the fatal hits this week.

Venture capitalists have issued a stern warning to startup CEOs in light of recent developments: "Startups should not anticipate additional financing until 2024 and be ready for 'severe cutbacks.'" Arjun Sethi, the co-founder of Tribe Capital and an investor in FTX, wrote a note to his portfolio firms warning that: "due to current macroeconomic and microeconomic constraints, no company is immune to failure."

"Don't be fooled by the Nasdaq's rise; we're right in the eye of the hurricane."

But what follows next is unclear. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Machine Learning Moved to the 3rd Dimension: Meet Anything World.

Anything World is a cutting-edge system incorporating many behavioral intelligence levels into its AI, voice computing, and 3D imaging systems. Users may "play" with and construct virtually anything they can think of. They want to make it simple and quick for programmers to make 3D experiences that can be controlled by voice or AI. That makes it a 3D version of what we know as Stable Diffusion or MidJourney.

In addition, they provide the Unity Software Development Kit (SDK), which gives you access to a plethora of 3D character collections complete with textures, animations, and behavior sets.

No doubt, AnyWorld will become standard practice in video game creation. As an example, Ubisoft is already using it in its prototyping processes. According to Midwood, the program is helpful for quickly defining the bones and joints of 3D models and producing animations that can later be tweaked by hand.

In less than a decade, concept designers have been rendered obsolete by Stable Diffusion and MidJourney; Anything World now appears to be setting its sights on the occupations of Riggers and Animators. Vehicles and quadrupeds are currently supported in the current version, but more species, such as humans, other bipedal beings and humanoids, swimmers, insects, and so on, will be added soon. We won't be limited to what's in the Anything World library in the coming year; an upload feature will let users run their 3D models through an automated rigging and animation algorithm.

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