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What You Need to Do to Succeed in the Web3 Ecosystem

List of Things You Need to Do to Succeed in the Web3

Contrary to widespread assumption, interest in web3 gaming is growing. The popularity of video games is increasing. Web3 gaming is a primary driver of new early-stage crypto investments, according to Galaxy's Q2 2022 VC report.

Leading firms, Galaxy Interactive and Immutable, have raised $1.5 billion to invest in web3 game businesses. Nonetheless, most casual gamers dislike NFTs and blockchain integrations, even at the concept stage, or are at least uninterested in the general notion.

Fandomspot polled 2,000 gamers late last year and discovered that 69% of those polled despised NFTs. While we feel that web3 will play an essential part in the future of gaming, there is a divide, if not a high degree of tension, between players and web3 creators. Of course, the bear market's doubts about the "necessity" of NFTs and disasters like Terra in the DeFi ecosystem have played a significant role. So under these circumstances, what should you do to succeed? Read more in Turkish.

Fundamental Statistics for the Future of Web3

General Stats That You Should Know

  • The worldwide gaming market is expected to reach $198.4 billion in 2021, surpassing the film and music sectors ($99.7 billion and $26 billion, respectively).
  • The rapidly expanding gaming industry will be worth $260 billion by 2025.
  • There are 2.5 billion gamers in the globe (estimated to be 3 billion by 2023).
  • The typical gamer spends 8 hours and 27 minutes each week playing video games.
  • Gaming revenue in the United States is predicted to exceed $90 billion by the end of 2022.
  • Mobile games provide 50% of gaming income, consoles 30%, and PCs the remaining 20%.
  • Venture capitalists invested more than $8 billion in crypto businesses in Q2 2022, the highest Q4 total ever. The conclusion of the second quarter was the first drop in total money invested since the beginning of 2021, although it was still more than $6 billion higher than the seven-year average.
  • For six straight quarters, crypto and blockchain valuations and deal sizes have outpaced the more significant VC sector.
  • Although later-stage startups obtained the most VC funding, early-stage companies received the most significant share of completed agreements.
  • Trading/exchange/investment/lending topped all sub-sectors in total capital invested, but Web3/NFT/DAO/Metaverse/Gaming dominated deal count by a considerable margin.

    The History of Gaming and Its Future in Web3 | Crypto & Blockchain Venture Capital - Q2 2022
If you care about #gaming and web3, you need to check out this new Global Web3 Gamer Study.

CodaLabs' Web3 User Study is a must-read!

You need to read this study if you care about gaming and web3. Indeed, it provides gamers & devs with a wealth of valuable information and insights. Thank you, @sekip and @Coda_Labs, for this outstanding effort in presenting this.

Coda Labs is a team of creative & technology experts who build fun mobile gaming experiences powered by blockchain technology. They aim to fuel web3 adoption to bring millions of players on-chain while creating new economic opportunities for game developers and players.

Stash Has Launched a New Protocol

That golden sword? Yes, you can use it for free | Stash SDK is out!

Stash focuses on renting game assets and merging what is known as "Scholarship" in the Play-and-Earn environment with the marketplace notion. It may appear to be a curated intermediary marketplace listing the NFTs of collaborating games. Still, once Early Access is done, it has an ideal vision that any game company can employ their idle NFTs by opening them up for rent, increasing circulation and volume in the ecosystem.

You are in the right place if you want an NFT rental protocol that can be integrated under 30 minutes.

Stash has introduced a protocol that can serve as the access layer for NFTs in web3 games, allowing studios and developers who join the marketplace to implement financialization options such as NFT rental, lending quickly, and "Buy Now Pay Later" into their games. The platform allows for simple implementation via SDKs for reward shares, paid rentals, and BNPL, resulting in a simple, fast, and safe solution in four stages. Do you want to learn more?

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