Stash is on Alchemy Store ⟁

Stash is officially listed on Alchemy, the world's most potent web3 platform.

We're still bringing you fantastic news about Stash, the gaming's future. Stash is now a "featured product" in the Alchemy store, the world-renowned web3 platform that provides the most sophisticated web3 development toolkits for quickly building and scaling dApps.

Stash - Decentralized Gaming Tools - Alchemy
Stash is the NFT rental protocol enabling gaming NFTs to be rentable, lendable and sharable.
Available chains for Stash: Avalanche, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Multichain

What Exactly is Alchemy?

Alchemy is a compelling platform that collaborates closely with the world's industry leaders to bring blockchain technology to millions of people and realize the long-awaited technological paradigm shift.

Alchemy powers millions of users in 197 countries worldwide, providing the layer required for developers to create outstanding applications that utilize the blockchain revolution to allow the next big technological breakthrough.

The Alchemy team draws on their experience at technology behemoths like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Stanford, and MIT to deliver solutions for massively scalable infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Alchemy, backed by founders and executives from Stanford University, Coinbase, Google's Chairman of the Board, Charles Schwab, and leading organizations worldwide, powers billions of dollars in transactions for top firms worldwide.

What was the Stash, again?

TroyLabs' initial dApp is Stash, Turkey's first NFT Marketplace / Rental Protocol and platform with international partners and Guild support. Stash has three main objectives;

  • Players may access assets from web3 games and play their favorite games without worrying about breaking the web3 barrier.
  • For studios to quickly, swiftly, and securely make NFT-based assets in their games available to millions of players to boost player numbers and revenue and develop their games.
  • With active communities, gamers and game developers can easily organize tournaments, build teams, create prize-winning events, and rejuvenate and extend the ecosystem.

Game developers & studios can add NFT rental functionality to games using the Stash SDK. Developers can also create their own NFT rental marketplace using the same SDK.

Web3 games are an aspect that improves the user experience in games, but NFTs may be too expensive for most gamers who are accustomed to the free-to-play format. As a result, players want to test out games before making significant investments. Stash tackles this problem with relatively simple and painless rentals; by renting out an NFT without transferring ownership rights, we enable the option to try out, utilize, and monetize gaming NFTs for a specific time.

Stash has a new feature: Teams

Stash, the future of gaming, has a new era where you can create teams or join listed teams for tournaments!

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How can I become a member of the Stash community?

The Stash community is gradually expanding. Our Discord server is now operational, and we are also on Twitter. You can join our community and contact us with any questions or requests. We recommend you subscribe to our blog/newsletter for updates and news.

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Our objective is not just to bring our community together through web3 games, also known as P2E, NFT Games, Blockchain Games, P&E Games, and Crypto Games. Still, we also want to play and promote classic and popular web2 games, host tournaments with prizes, and grow by focusing on "gaming." Aside from a successful game's value, revenue that can be transferred to real life is a plus for us... Our purpose is first to have fun, improve, win, and share.

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