Vaga is Live with New Updates­čží

Vaga is live with new tools & updates. Using Vaga, you can build your community and engage natively on your website.­čží

Vaga, one of the most powerful tools for growing your community, has already been presented. If you haven't already, you may join Vaga's waitlist here, which will rapidly build your community. Thank you for your interest and for signing up for the waitlist.

Your community chats on your website. Focus on your product while growing your user base.
Vaga, a chat plugin that works on your website like Discord, is now available for Whitelisted users with its updated Dashboard and panels! 

We gave the codes and referral codes to hundreds of people on the waitlist waiting for word from Vaga. All they have to do is apply this code into Vaga, activate it, and after effortlessly integrating Vaga on their site, provide us with feedback. We are making significant progress on all fronts to meet your needs better and enhance your existing solutions. All your thoughts and suggestions will be considered while finalizing the Vaga.

Today marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Vaga.

Vaga is being built in response to your suggestions, comments, and demands. We anticipate that all influencers, studios, content producers, DAOs, and anyone else who needs to build a community will love and adopt Vaga because it provides a much more flexible, practical, easy-to-use solution than existing solutions in the field of real-time messaging and community building/management.

­čôłAnalyze Everything

You won't have to wonder "what's going on" because Vaga's superb and accessible interface will show you all the relevant metrics regarding your community and communication. Changing or improving your method of communication is possible after examining the collected data.

Your visitors will automatically be included in your community chat once they connect with MetaMask. Anyone can use email and Google signups as well. Understand what your community is talking about and what they like and do not like about your products. Engage your community as a whole.


How do I get the widget on my website?

After signing up, you will get the instructions in your dashboard on how to embed the widget. As simple as copy-paste.

How can I get an access code?

We are opening Vaga to our selected partners and our waitlist. Each member will get additional access codes as well. So if you know anyone with Vaga on their website, you can ask for a code. Or else, email us here.

How much does a subscription cost?

Embedding Vaga is entirely free (forever) with a tier of 1.000 messages in your community. After that, you'll need to be subscribed. Any user can set up private chats as well. 

How can I start using it?

We opened up waitlist registrations and invited the first users. Be sure to register to the waitlist, as you will get access codes to access your community dashboard.

Vaga | Native Community Chat
Vaga is an embeddable widget where your community can engage with you and in itself without leaving your website or app.

You will also receive three additional codes to distribute to your business partners or friends so your users can be referred to the websites you know.

Reach out to us on Twitter. We would love to hear from you and get your thoughts.